Sculptify Me - CoolSculpting in North Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

CoolSculpting for the Lower Body

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared for the reduction of stubborn body fat on a number of lower-body areas, including:

Patients choose Sculptify Me because all we do is CoolSculpting, our DualSculpting technology allows us to treat more areas with fewer treatments, and we have the latest technology.

CoolSculpting Lower Body for Women


CoolSculpting Lower Body for Men


Reduce Outer-Thigh Fat

CoolSculpting can effectively treat fat on the outer-thigh.   Because we're experts in DualSculpting, we're able to treat both thighs at the same time, significantly reducing the overall treatment time.

Reduce Inner-Thigh Fat

Achieving the "inner-thigh gap" is challenging without significant diet and exercise.  Thankfully, we can significantly reduce fat in the this area using CoolSculpting.  

Reduce "Banana Roll" Fat

Using the latest applicators and technology, we can treat and reduce fat located just beneath the buttocks (sometimes referred to as "banana roll" fat). 

Why Patients Choose Sculptify Me

Sculptify Me is highly-skilled in the latest CoolSculpting technology (which treats up to 20% more volume per treatment area when used properly). A number of Sculptify Me’s patients were surprised when they discovered they would enjoy fewer, shorter, and more comfortable treatments at Sculptify Me to achieve their desired results.

CoolSculpting Is All We Do, And We Have the Latest Technology, Which Means...

Shorter Treatment Times
Greater Comfort
More Fat Treated
Per Session

At Sculptify Me in Scottsdale, you’ll be treated in a luxury treatment suite by professional CoolSculpting experts who are elevating body contouring to an art form.

*Results & Patient Experience May Vary (Disclaimer):   Many patients start to notice results after 21 days with full results occurring over a period of 8 weeks as your body naturally eliminates the fat cells frozen during treatment. CoolSculpting is not an alternative for exercise and a healthy diet and is not a diet or weight loss program.  Average treatment times range from 35 to 45 minutes depending on the treatment area.  The extent of the response to the CoolSculpting treatment varies from patient to patient with most patients experiencing a 25% reduction in fat per treatment. In some extremely rare cases, individuals have been resistant to the treatment. In the before and after photos, all patients were within +/- 5 lbs. of their original weight in their “after” photo unless otherwise noted.  Click here for clinical information.