Fat freezing vs. Weight loss: What’s the difference?

Fat freezing vs. Weight loss: What’s the difference?

Fat freezing vs. Weight loss: What’s the difference? 

In today’s ultra-health-conscious world, there are seemingly countless different ways to either reduce fat or lose weight – both of which have been at the front of minds across the globe for decades.

In analyzing different methods of achieving a healthier body and quality of life, many often compare the two areas of fat freezing and traditional weight loss to see which will work best for their specific goals and situation.

It’s important to understand that there are several distinct differences between these two options, both in terms of what they entail and what they accomplish. Here’s a closer look at what makes fat freezing and weight loss so different and why one may work better for you than the other.

How traditional weight loss works

Traditional weight loss is primarily focused on more natural solutions, such as a well-balanced diet, consistent exercise, and plentiful sleep. The other key component is that weight loss is concerned with cell contraction – not elimination.

Our bodies have a set number of fat cells that absorb leftover fat from food that enters the digestive system, while the rest of the fat is in the process of being used by the body for energy. The absorption of this extra fat causes our fat cells to increase in size, resulting in excess fat buildup in response to activities like overeating.

It is then up to traditional weight loss practices to shrink the size of those fat cells, in effect burning more calories than we consume – which is a popular rule of thumb when it comes to shedding some pounds. Calorie intake and physical activity ultimately determine the size of our fat cells.

While weight loss reduces the size of our fat cells, it will never cause them to completely disappear. That’s where fat freezing is different.

How fat freezing works

Fat freezing – also referred to as CoolSculpting – is the scientifically backed practice of suctioning targeted areas and applying ice-cold temperatures to eliminate fat cells entirely. It is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that doesn’t require surgery and doesn’t damage surrounding tissue.

Unlike traditional weight loss, when fat cells are naturally processed through CoolSculpting, they are expelled from the body for good. Through fat freezing, fat cells in the body can be reduced by up to 20% their original number.

Which is better for me?

Both are great options depending on your particular goals. It should be noted that CoolSculpting is not an alternative to weight loss or a healthy diet or lifestyle, but is rather a solution used to get rid of stubborn fat in more difficult areas throughout the body.

It’s key to remember:

  • Weight loss causes fat cells to shrink
  • CoolSculpting completely and permanently eliminates fat cells

If nagging fat lingers in certain areas of your body and won’t go away, you can join the six million patients and counting who have relied on CoolSculpting as a highly effective solution.

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