Sculptify Me - CoolSculpting in North Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

At Sculptify Me, we want you to love your results and your decision to have your CoolSculpting treatment performed by our body-sculpting experts.  When you schedule a treatment, we set aside time, equipment and staff just for you so that we can give you a VIP treatment experience.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy allows for a refund of 75% of your CoolSculpting treatment cost when you request a refund prior to your CoolSculpting treatment (as we reserve our treatment room, equipment and staff when you book your CoolSculpting treatment).  If you would like to cancel your CoolSculpting treatment, please contact our office via phone or email at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to your scheduled treatment.  

Once your CoolSculpting treatment has started, your payment is non-refundable.  In rare cases, some patients have shown a resistance to the CoolSculpting procedure and do not achieve the typical result.  In other cases, more than one treatment may be required.