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Sculptify Me Has The Latest Fat-Reduction Technology in Scottsdale

Precise, Controlled Fat-Freezing Confirmed By Mil-Spec Thermal Optics

Call us crazy, but we're obsessed with being the best at CoolSculpting.  We recently brought in mil-spec thermal optics imaging devices to verify all of our equipment was dialed in and ready to provide you with the best experience possible.

As you can see in the video, the darker areas are colder and the lighter areas are warmer.

And the next time someone tells you their nose is cold, you can believe them (notice how our patient's nose is a bit darker in the video).

The Latest Machines

We have invested heavily in the newest CoolSculpting machines to provide a better, shorter and more comfortable experience for our patients.

Combined with the latest applicators, we're able to provide you with a dramatically shorter and far more comfortable CoolSculpting experience.

Contouring your body should be a pleasurable experience, and we've done everything possible to make that a reality for you, from our spa-like environment to our professional staff.

Many of our patients choose to watch Netflix or television on our big screen TVs while they relax during the short treatment times.

The Newest Applicators Mean Shorter, More Comfortable Treatment Times

CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage Applicators

We have invested in the newest applicators on the market.

This allows us to fine tune our CoolSculpting areas, as well as treating each area far more effectively than was possible in the past. 

Meet the line-up of applicators we offer:

Cool Advantage Plus - This applicator is used to treat the abdomen and flank area. Treatment time is 45 minutes.

Cool Advantage - This applicator is used to treat the abdomen, flank and inner-thighs. Treatment time is 35 minutes.

Cool Advantage Petite - This applicator is used to treat the abdomen, arms, inner-thighs and flank area. Treatment time is 35 minutes.

Coolmini - This applicator is used to treat the chin, knees and bra fat areas. Treatment time is 45 minutes.

Coolsmooth Pro - This newer applicator is used to treat the outer-thigh and areas with non-pinch-able fat. Treatment time is 75 minutes.

FDA-Cleared Treatment Areas

The following areas are cleared for CoolSculpting treatment by the United States Food and Drug Administration:

Watch This Video to Find Out More

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Unlike diets and exercise, which cause fat cells to contract as your body burns the content of the fat cells, CoolSculpting permanently removes fat cells.

CoolSculpting uses special applicators and technology to selectively cool and freeze fat cells.  A special, body-part specific applicator is used to create a close suction between the body part that is being treated and the applicator itself.  Once your skin is in close-contact with the applicator, the applicator is cooled to a precise temperature which causes fat cells in the treatment area to freeze.

Because you stop producing fat cells after adolescence, once your fat is frozen and naturally eliminated by your body, the fat is gone forever.  

How CoolSculpting Works

Relax During Treatment

The CoolSculpting procedure is so comfortable that many of our patients choose to read, work on their laptop or tablet, watch a movie or television on Netflix.  Some patients even choose to take a short nap.

Return To Your Normal Activities Right Away

Because the CoolSculpting treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, you won't have to undergo the normal recovery time that's associated with other fat reduction treatment options.

Many of our patients come into our office during their work day and then return to work right after their CoolSculpting treatment.

Because Sculptify Me specializes in DualSculpting using the latest technology, we're able to treat you in as little as 35 minutes, which means permanently removing stubborn fat has never been so easy.

No Downtime with CoolSculpting

Why Patients Choose Sculptify Me

Sculptify Me is highly-skilled in the latest CoolSculpting technology (which treats up to 20% more volume per treatment area when used properly). A number of Sculptify Me’s patients were surprised when they discovered they would enjoy fewer, shorter, and more comfortable treatments at Sculptify Me to achieve their desired results.

CoolSculpting Is All We Do, And We Have the Latest Technology, Which Means...

Shorter Treatment Times
Greater Comfort
More Fat Treated
Per Session

At Sculptify Me in Scottsdale, you’ll be treated in a luxury treatment suite by professional CoolSculpting experts who are elevating body contouring to an art form.

*Results & Patient Experience May Vary (Disclaimer):   Many patients start to notice results after 21 days with full results occurring over a period of 8 weeks as your body naturally eliminates the fat cells frozen during treatment. CoolSculpting is not an alternative for exercise and a healthy diet and is not a diet or weight loss program.  Average treatment times range from 35 to 45 minutes depending on the treatment area.  The extent of the response to the CoolSculpting treatment varies from patient to patient with most patients experiencing a 25% reduction in fat per treatment. In some extremely rare cases, individuals have been resistant to the treatment. In the before and after photos, all patients were within +/- 5 lbs. of their original weight in their “after” photo unless otherwise noted.  Click here for clinical information.