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Is CoolSculpting For Men?

Yes, CoolSculpting has been very popular with guys for quite some time.  You may not hear very many guys talk about it (because they want you to think they got that six-pack through hard work), but we treat a lot of men.

A lot of guys prefer CoolSculpting because it offers the benefits of liposuction without the downtime and significant risks.

We Treat Over 400% More Men Than Any Other Practice in the State of AZ

Common treatment areas for men include:

Men tend to accumulate more fat in these areas as a result of genetics and stress.

Just imagine being able to reduce the fat you currently have in these areas by up to 25% per treatment. And once the fat is gone, it's gone.

Are You Tired of Not Getting the Results You Want?

Even if you diet and exercise, you likely have trouble getting rid of fat in two areas - your stomach just above your waistline and your love handles.  

One of the biggest challenges with getting older as a man is the fact that fat tends to accumulate around your midsection and on your flanks.

Why are these areas so resistant?  Genetics plays a major role. Stress plays a big role as well. When you stress, your body pumps out cortisol. Cortisol tells your body to convert more of the food you eat into fat instead of into energy.

That's where CoolSculpting comes in.

You Can Get the Look & The Physique You Want

With CoolSculpting, we can reduce up to 25% of the fat in each of those areas.  In fact, CoolSculpting is so effective that it's limited to three treatments in the same area.

And, because we treat so many guys, we know exactly which CoolSculpting applicators to use and exactly where to place them to create the results you want.

CoolSculpting Is All We Do, And We Have the Latest Technology, Which Means...

Shorter Treatment Times
Greater Comfort
More Fat Treated
Per Session

At Sculptify Me in Scottsdale, you’ll be treated in a luxury treatment suite by professional CoolSculpting experts who are elevating body contouring to an art form.